Image courtesy of Brightly

After delivering their clear vinyl 45 ‘Sarah/Doubt’ last year, Brightly are about to release their debut album ‘Beginnings and Endings’ this April . But the boys have shaken things up a bit with this release, developing a way in which listeners can nab the new album for free via the The Beginnings and Endings Project.

The project works like this:

  1. Sign up on Brightly’s website
  2. Download your free copy of their latest single, ‘Preflight Nerves’
  3. Share with your mates, mum, boss, neighbor etc
  4. Once you’ve shared the single with 10 others  (who have also downloaded it) you can download the album, ‘Beginnings and Endings’ for FREE!

So far the single has traveled over 263,323km’s through cyberspace to the ears of listeners worldwide. We think that’s pretty cool.

You can take part too! Just sign up to The Beginnings and Endings Project and let the the little speck of data that is ‘Preflight Nerves’ travel the globe and you’ll be rewarded with a free album from Brightly.


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